Provision. Our name says it all. It means the act or process of providing, which of course is fundamental to what we do. More importantly it means the state of being prepared beforehand and a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency. These definitions form the essence of our mission to provide proactive, professional service that provides peace of mind for each individual client.

| Proactive

Rather than simply responding to historical problems or trying to make the most of missed opportunities, we strive to anticipate problems and initiate opportunities for our clients. Our integrated, long-term approach includes working closely with all related advisors to optimize both immediate and long-term cash flow for our clients.

As a specific example of our proactive service, we review corporate installments paid at the six-month point in the corporate year by accessing Canada Revenue Agency account information, and then follow up with the client to ensure that installments are brought up to date if required. For the personal returns of our owner/manager clients, our objective is to ensure that each client is aware of any personal tax payable well in advance of the April 30th deadline.

| Professional

We believe professional service should encompass more than technical expertise and staying up to date in all areas of business and tax matters. We are committed to be available when needed by our clients and respond in a timely manner to calls and other requests for assistance. We set realistic deadlines for performance and make it a priority to meet those deadlines. In short, we do what we say we will do.

| Visionary

While the corporation may officially engage us, it is the family that operates the business, either directly or indirectly, to whom we are accountable. In today's complicated world, each family has different priorities and objectives. While there are some commonalities, each situation requires a unique solution. Moreover that solution has to be flexible to adapt to changing priorities. That is our ultimate goal: To fulfill the objectives and provide peace of mind for each family with proactive, integrated solutions that cover all contingencies now and in the future.